Pleasing Locals

As a multi national corporation, there is need to please the citizens of the foreign country which you do business in. Whether it’s a multinational oil, mining corporation etc. The land belongs to the locals and so does the national resources in the land. Some companies failed to please the locals long ago and this led to several conflicts between the companies and the locals. Often times, the locals set up militias and militant groups to frustrate the efforts of the multinational corporations like destroying pipelines etc. This is not good for both parties and there is need for peace in order to achieve economic growth and business efficiency.

How to Please Locals

In order to please locals, there are certain things that one must do. Some are:

1) Employ huge number of locals in the company:

In order to gain the trust of the locals, the company should employ more locals. This way, the company is creating direct jobs for them and this improves the relationship between them.

2)Sending gifts to the rulers:

Most local lands are headed by Kings or Queens. A multinational company should always give the royal family gifts occasionally as a show of respect and gratitude. If anything goes wrong, the leaders often tells the people to calm down and settles the dispute amicably thus the business relationship is strengthened. The gifts should be corporate branded gifts to show that the corporation cares.

3)Fixing certain social amenities in the area:

In addition to corporate branded gifts, multinational corporations sign MOU’s which may state that they should complete certain projects. In such circumstances, they should build the social amenities on time so that the locals would be happy.

Importance of pleasing locals

Some importance of pleasing locals include:

· For business efficiency

· To improve the general appearance of the company

· To help the local community

· Job creation hence, reduction of crime.